Useful 'tips' on what to DO and what NOT TO DO


Make sure that you check and read through all documentation carefully and do not be afraid to ask your Case Manager about anything you are unsure of. To prevent delays, return all documentation as soon as possible or as directed by us.
If you are buying with the aid of a mortgage, make sure that you arrange this as soon as, if not before, you have agreed to purchase your property.
Make sure that you inform us as early as possible about any special arrangements or agreements you have made with the seller or buyer for example over fixtures and fittings.
When buying, make sure that any monies payable e.g. deposits, completion monies etc. are easily accessible. Cleared funds will be required for all payments before they can be used.
When selling, make sure that you have copies of all planning consents and other necessary consents for buildings or alterations that may have been carried out at the property.
If you are planning to go away on holiday or business during your conveyancing transaction, please advise your Case Manager of the dates you will be away.
If you are selling, make sure you remember to clear any sheds, garages and attics/loft space before completion otherwise you could be liable to your buyer for the cost of removing these items.


Do not agree completion dates personally with the seller or buyer without checking with your Case Manager that the contracts are ready to be exchanged throughout your chain. The process is too complicated to predict completion dates in advance of this stage and this is one of the most common causes for great anxiety and frustration.
Do not financially commit yourself to anything or make other arrangements until you have confirmation that contracts have been exchanged. If necessary make tentative arrangements only and be ready to change them if necessary. It is especially important not to commit yourself either to starting a tenancy or ending a tenancy before exchange of contracts has been confirmed.
When selling, do not cancel existing mortgage payments (if any) until you have confirmation from your Case Manager that contracts are exchanged.
When selling, do not cancel your buildings insurance until your Case Manager has confirmed that your sale has completed.
When selling or buying, do not make any amendments to the documents your Case Manager sends you for signature without first discussing it with us.
If you are buying or selling and there are alterations or extensions for which there seems to be no proper consent, do not contact your local authority or anyone else connected with the issue without speaking to us first. Sometimes you can make it impossible to obtain insurance cover for missing documents if you have raised the issue with the authorities or person entitled to object to the works.
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